In Memory of Louise Hay


I knew this day would be coming and I can’t say that it made it any easier. Today, we lost a true Earth angel as she passed away of natural causes. I really didn’t think I would be as emotional as I am about it but she really changed my life. Louise Hay meant the world to me. If you are reading this and know who Louise Hay is, then you were probably touched and moved by her messages as much as I was in my life. She really helped me, along with so many others, when I was going through one of the hardest times in my life. It was such a blessing how all of it came together. I had received a deck of Louise Hay cards in a package from the school I was attending and although I thought they were pretty, I never really looked at them much. Within the year, my boyfriend had a book of Louise Hay and I recognized it by the artwork. It was then that I decided to look at my affirmation cards. From there, my life just became filled with the work of Louise Hay and other authors of Hay House. There was one really low point in my life when I had been having such unbelievable stress and panic attacks and I actually ended up in the hospital one night. I remember driving back from the place I was visiting to my home and finding a disc read by Louise Hay and putting it in the CD player. It changed my life! I never thought the same way again and she helped me in my journey and recovery from the traumas that I had experienced in my life. I woke up every morning and listened to that same disc, just like she suggested, and I felt my whole life change. I would take her affirmation cards and sit on my balcony of my old apartment and read them over and over and meditate with them. Over the years, I have listened to her, watched her, read her books and followed her blogs and she continues to be an inspiration to me. I really did feel like I knew her and it does make me sad to think that, in this life, I will never get to meet her in physical form. She use to travel and give speeches and lectures and I always dreamed of seeing her and meeting her one day. I still pray to be a published Hay House Author and have my cookbooks with her publishing company. Just like when Wayne Dyer passed a couple of years ago, I feel a huge sense of loss as if a family member passed away. When you have a mentor in your life, and they pass one, it can feel somewhat lonely and scary because you always looked up to this person like you would a parent. So, there is a bit of fear that can come with the loss of a personality that is so well known and holds so strongly to your faith. It can be scary because you may get you thinking about your own mortality or you feel like you don’t have anyone to learn from anymore. Louise has left such an enormous legacy and there are so many other wonderful teachers out there to learn about, which is what she wanted, and it takes acceptance and understanding in her passing to open up to other teachers. When Wayne Dyer passed away, I continued to listen to him as if he were still on this Earth in his honor. I knew that Louise was getting older and I knew this would happen one day and I wondered how I would feel about it. Maybe at the beginning of my journey, almost 10 years ago, I would have felt lost without Louise. Since I have grown so much on my own, I can take the blessings that Louise has brought to all of us and continue my journey, accept new teachers that come forth to spread the good word, maybe teach others and honor her everyday by loving myself. If you have not heard of Louise Hay please look into her books, audiobooks, youtube videos, affirmation cards, and the many other wonderful teachings she has left for all of us to experience and enjoy! I have been planning on listening to her for my upcoming plane travel. You are all a blessing and you all have something to offer to this world. Please share with me how Louise has changed your life in the comments!

Louise Hay founded Hay House Publishing, where you can find all of her wonderful books, gifts, audiobooks and other authors.

Can the moon really affect us?


So, there has been a lot of talk recently about the moon and moon phases. At least there has been in my world. With the upcoming solar eclipse and the recent lunar eclipse, a lot of spiritual teachers and New Age leaders are talking a lot about the moon. Well, you know how you have heard the stories about how people act differently during a full moon, even animals and there are a lot of births during that time but what about ourselves individually? Is there really a time for spiritual growth during moon phases?

Ok, so sometimes I am all in it and sometimes I think “no way” because I don’t like to think that I am vulnerable enough to be affected by the phase of the moon although Mother Nature does a lot that we cannot control. When I would play with my angel cards they would say “Moon Phase” and to be aware of how the moon affects me. Sometimes although I believe in far out ideals, I roll my eyes and think “whatever” to the mere thought of it just like astrology or numerology. Now, don’t be making posts telling me how astrology and numerology are “real” because I am not doubting your believes I just think sometimes I even become skeptical or choose not to look further into it.

Recently, my heart has been pacing a lot and I am truly a healthy person. I eat organic clean diet, no caffeine, workout and yoga daily, journaling, alone time in nature and pretty calm so what’s the deal? Yeah, my heart had been racing and I could not sleep. I will admit that during other full moons, I don’t sleep much. I also had been feeling almost out of control in terms of thoughts and fears. Oh my goodness was I so scared yesterday. During yoga I had a thought come up, I know when you clear your mind that usually happens, and it was somewhat like this “You are safe. It’s just stuff that needs to come up and you need to let go of”. I really am in tune with my thoughts and feelings and here I was trying to control everything but once I realized it was all safe and that nothing crazy was happening to me, I did just that, I let it all go. I even prayed about it asking God to please help me let it go and I kept reminding myself that I was safe and it was just old stuff. Now, this is true for me because I have a habit of holding onto emotions as many empaths do so it was time for me to let things go. I mean, my mind and heart had been racing for a few days and….wait for it…I didn’t even realize it was a full moon. So, when I found this out as I drove home the other night it all hit me that “Oh…that explains it”. Haha! I get so annoyed when I read headlines about “the moon this month means its about letting go of old stuff” or “its time to realize your power” because I feel like I get to choose what needs to happen in my life. This time, it was all good. It was like it felt so scary and I just didn’t feel myself but out of it came some wonderful things. I was able to heal an almost decade long issue and it was easy. There was a lot of openness and forgiveness involved and it was such a blessing. So, I would say yes to the moon affecting my life and behavior. It certainly did this month. Now, maybe your next door neighbor would think this is wacky or a co worker would roll their eyes at your truth about your experience. That is just it though, it’s your experience and alive in your conscious and reality.  Somewhere deep down you are in touch with your true self and Mother Nature so it is a blessing to feel like a wacko during a full moon. If you had similar feelings or emotions then just be aware and accept them. If you are ever afraid of what you are feeling just realize that you are safe and it just needs to get out and go away. Then just do that! Be open to the idea of letting things go and trusting the universe, God, Holy Spirit or whatever you believe in, to take care of it. It doesn’t always have to be scary but because I am learning to let go of control, it was scary for me to not understand why I was so tired and scared and filled so many thoughts. Sometimes, the life that we pray for or visualize is being manifested but your old life and emotions need to fall away so we can embrace a new world. It’s beautiful, crazy, sometimes annoying if you don’t like change but a true blessing in the end. So, don’t be afraid of the moon phases but try to be aware of where you are and what you want for yourself. Then, do some time of ritual to celebrate. You don’t have to get all witchy and go out to moon and draw blood but you can watch a funny movie about the moon ( I like themed rituals) or relax and take a bath or sit outside and smoke a cigarette(no don’t do that cigarettes are bad for you) but its whatever floats your boat. You don’t have to dread the moon like you do getting your period every month. It can be a fun celebration. You can be a big nerd and go buy total eclipse of the sun stamps that react to your body heat. OMG! Yes, it’s true! They are awesome.

Ok fellow empaths, how does the moon affect you personally? Have you noticed anything different for the month of August since the moon

True Acceptance- loving the life I have and letting go of what I wanted it to be

I couldn’t sleep last night. I was having a bad day and I was frustrated because I feel like I have wasted my life away. I was just straight up bitchy and I wanted to blame everyone in my life. I feel sometimes like I am going to explode thinking too much and worrying and planning and obsessing about how I want things to be and to go on a daily basis. It truly is maddening. Last night I just couldn’t sleep because my mind wouldn’t stop. No, no caffeine, I worked out, I eat healthy, I journaled and still my mind wouldn’t turn off. I thought that if I can just obsess enough and figure out the problem that it will be fixed but the truth is, some things can never be fixed.

Now, don’t think this is a poor me blog post or even a negative one at that. I am just telling it like it is because so many people put their life out there and try to live up to everything it is not. The truth is I am 35 and absolutely NOTHING I thought I would have, do or be has happened for me yet. I know. I know. Everybody goes through a feeling like this at some point in their life but not everybody admits or talks about it. I was lying in bed and I thought about how I wanted to be married so badly when I was younger. I loved to dream about who I would marry and where would we live and how would we meet. When I was in my early 20’s I dated a lot of good guys, some jerks, but mostly nice guys and I didn’t really think they would be “the one” but it was fun to imagine. I notice the last of my friends are getting married and so many of my friends have started families. I can’t believe it. It’s almost like I felt betrayed. Like, how on Earth could my best friend from college get married? I thought we were in this together. It’s hard to let go of what you thought things would be like in your life. You really do get to a point where you feel like you settle, in a sense, because time is running out for some things. I can’t keep dating around and expect to keep dreaming up my true love when I am 35. I have been in a relationship for almost 10 years and we aren’t married. This is totally not what I thought things would be like when I was 18 years old getting out of high school. I have had a great life, don’t get me wrong, but damn what went wrong?

I think my life had taken some strange turns when I was younger because I am very indecisive and I am very independent. It’s not all about marriage either, by the way. It’s not like I am some spinster that has never had a date and writing a blog feeling sorry for myself (to all the spinsters that have never had a date, no offense). It’s also about career and friendships and daily life. Right now, I am with my boyfriend of almost 10 years, we rent a nice home, and I am currently unemployed. I have had a string of jobs since college and every single one of them have been things I hated, with the exception of maybe 1 job. I get tired of hearing the shit about “well, it’s the journey, not the destination” but my God do I have to journey for another 35 years until I get my shit together. I had so much hope and ambition for myself when I was younger and the truth is, I still do! I still dream of doing things that may seem silly for an unexperienced 35 year old. I like that I am still child like and there are many aspects of me that don’t want to grow up. I just can’t make a decision to save my life. I have so many ideas and the pressure of time makes it so that we feel the need to cram and hurry everything along. The truth is, I would love to hibernate in the winter playing videos, getting high and reading cookbooks like I did 8 years ago but now I feel like ” I should grow up.” I mean, there is a pressure by society. The freakin second I turned 35 every other person I talked to wanted to tell me how I need to make sure I have a baby soon. It’s crazy!




How do we let go of what we thought we were going to have? Well, we all know we can’t go back in time and change events (or can we?) No, we can’t change events so we truly have to accept that we are where we are and we can only change what happens from here on out. Now, I don’t necessarily wish I was still in college getting drunk every Thursday night (and maybe 3-4 other days during the week) but I do miss a lot of the things about college. I am totally ok with being 35 but it is sad to see your friends change and move on when you sometimes feel stuck. There really isn’t a good answer for it other than knowing you aren’t in it alone. Now, I do think there are some unhealthy thoughts and habits surrounding living in the past but I also think there is a natural part of it too. I still dream about my first love but I would never want to be with him again. I also dream of being a young actress although I know that may never happen seeing as though I have never done any acting and I am 35. You aren’t in it alone, ok?! There does come a time when you need to make some decisions about your life but just make sure they are decisions that you want for yourself and not decisions you make based on pressure, time or judgement of others. I try to stay in touch with people from my past and social media has made it a lot easier. I know it’s not the same as everyone hanging out on a Friday night but not everything stays the same.  You have to change and that has been so hard for me to accept but it’s true. Part of being an adult is compromise and understanding and so it’s wonderful to be independent and you always can be, like I said I am, but sometimes you have to compromise with others. It can be hard because although I love the idea of marriage and shit everyone else is doing it, I worry about losing myself in it. I can still be me and you can still be you. It just takes the choice on your part.

I affirm daily that “my life is fun and easy” but sometimes, truthfully, it can be hard to be an adult. Right now, I am an open book to everyone out there that feels the same way I do. It has been hard to let go of some things in my youth and let go of what and how I thought things were going to be for me. I cry about it even. It’s just life. We can’t plan it all out. If I really wanted to married with kids and be a successful author, food writer, photographer, etc. I could be but it’s about making the decision to be and moving forward with it. When I was younger I was so unsure and I felt like I had plenty of time but now I want some of the same things and I can’t mess around forever. You also have to get over the worry and the fear that you may seem like a loser or everyone else has what you wanted. Everyone has regrets and not everyone’s life is what it looks like on Facebook! Just remember that! It can be vulnerable to admit that you don’t have the life you thought you were going to have but you can also change it. You really can!

I don’t know if I will sleep any better having written this but I do feel better putting it out there. Not every blog you read with perfect photos, memes, stories, videos has a wonderful life. We are all human and we have all felt the yucky parts of life as well. Just keep moving forward and accept that sometimes it’s hard to accept life. You will be happy with that. Let me know in the comments how you feel about your life and how you wanted it to be as well as any advice for others!



Walnut– this remedy is for change in your life, helps with new beginnings and for those that are easily influenced by others.

Honeysuckle-this remedy is for people that live largely in the past and cannot move on to be in the present, people with regret and can help you keep your memories but move into the now.

Please look into Bach Flower Remedies for more information.


I took a video of myself and…

So, I was just testing out what it would be like if I took videos of myself instead of writing on my blog so its more personal and well, I love to talk. This is what happened…



Haha! Now, I realize that this is probably a meme about being drunk and I also realize that when people see or hear themselves on audio they freak out. Now, I did not realize that when I speak, my mouth is crooked. I am not even kidding. I seriously talk with an angled mouth and lip. Picture Elvis speaking really slowly and using his hands to gesture what he is talking about on video…that’s me. That’s ok! I honestly don’t care and it was just a test run because I realize that things will not be perfect and no my hair and outfit were not put together. Although, in the future I would like to present some nice videos to share with everyone. I mean, part of the reason why I want to take videos is to get over my fears and worries about what other people think and if they are judging me or not. Let’s face it, people can be harsh online but I also think I have a lot of important messages that can help people and I want to be able to express those through video. In the meantime, I am going to work on figuring out my camera software so I can start posting soon!


I saw an interesting video this morning about intuition by Kerwin Rae and I thought it would share. I have a strong feeling that when you see this, you will be able to relate and understand. It just gives more clarity on the whole subject of intuition. I guess I thought intuition was a normal thing since I always experience it with energy of people and living things (trees, flowers, animals, etc.) I mean, I knew I felt a lot of different things but I didn’t realize that other people didn’t feel them so it has been a gift really but felt like a curse at the same time. Kind of like when you see and feel a tree being cut down. I didn’t understand how others don’t feel bad about it. We had friends over this last weekend and we were talking about health. I said something like “I knew what to do because it’s kind of an intuitive thing” and the guy says ” I don’t have an intuition and the wife agreed. I thought that was interesting and then I thought “well, sucks for you” because I make decisions based upon my intuition all the time. I can also tell when someone is lying. EVERYTIME!!! I don’t call people out on it but I just know. The truth is, my friend does have an intuition and like this video in the link above shows, we can be closed off to it. Sometimes when its a really important decision, I overthink my intuition and worry that my thoughts are fear based. So, I am not perfect but when it’s a quick thought or I am meeting someone then I know its all real and its all right. Do you think you are intuitive? What recent experiences have you had where you felt that your intuition was truly your guide and helped you make a decision?

August Angel Reading

Happy August! I always draw an angel card for the first day of the month to guide me for the next few weeks ahead and it’s just for fun. I decided to draw from the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. They are both fun and far out angel readers and this card deck is very colorful and playful. I bought it last summer and it has been a good guide for many of my questions about career and life opportunity. I love to use it when I am outdoors on my deck or sitting in the yard.



This is the card that I drew from the deck which is funny because it is very much summer here in Indiana. Now, when you see this you may automatically feel connected to it or you may think it doesn’t fit you at all. Let me read more into the card to see what may pop up for you for the month of August. It’s a collective reading so interpret as you wish. For me, it’s perfect because I have been praying for some blessed career changes as well as letting go of a lot of stuff. (Which who is constantly asking for help in letting sh_t go?)

Queen of Winter in my interpretation also means that it is ok to be both focused and responsible along with childlike and playful. You don’t have to choose one or the other. Just because you act goofy and write angel blogs (tee hee) doesn’t mean that you won’t be a successful photographer and that people will think you are too weird to hire. Oh, can you see into my insecurity? haha. It means that those old beliefs need to go and just to be yourself. I know there is a lot of talk about embracing yourself and loving yourself but sometimes when you are around certain groups of people or maybe one person in particular you find yourself not being true to you but in the end, you have to live for yourself and not worry about what others think. It’s a gift to be you and you do have gifts to share with the world. It doesn’t have to mean you will be famous but it can be the small things you do that change others and effect the world positively. The card mentions career focus and unmarried and divorced individuals and those can seem scary. A career change can be very scary and going through a change of any kind (divorce or soon to be engaged) can really set you back if you are afraid to move forward. So, keeping strong, patient and keeping your cool will pay off in the end. The Queen of Winter is an achievable status and remembering that the journey is now. We always think “when we have this than I will feel this way” or “when I buy a house then I will be at peace” and the truth is shown in this card. That there is no later, in a sense, that everything is now so just be patient with everything that you want because you will get it. You will achieve it and that, although this is so annoying to read, you have to go through certain experiences to achieve it. Now, will you wake up tomorrow and be engaged? Have a job promotion? Suddenly not care what people think? Certainly that is a possibility but sometimes we have to go through a lot in order to put it all together so enjoy the ride and keep your cool.

I hope you enjoyed your reading for August. Like I said, it is something fun that I do for myself. I know there are a lot of changes this month as students go back to school and some people go back to work after having the summer off not to mention soon the weather will change as we start to slow down summer and welcome in fall after August. So, just relax and have fun! Please let me know how you can relate to this card in the comment section! If anything, hopefully it teaches you to be childlike because I know as a kid, I loved colorful card decks!

Product Review-Schmidt’s Deodorant



Today’s product review is for something we all need and use…deodorant! Ok, so when I decided to start using a more natural deodorant roughly 10 years ago, every one I found still felt like it didn’t work. For the last 8 years I have been using a roll on that I love but it leaves my armpits wet, of course, so I always end up blow drying my pits before I put on my shirt. Natural product lovers are blessed that in the last 10 years you can find natural and organic foods everywhere it seems from wine coolers to pop tarts to candy corn and the same goes for health and beauty products. There is a huge assortment of shampoos, lotions and deodorants to choose from so where do you start? Well, by reading reviews and by just giving it a test run yourself. So, probably a little over a year ago I saw this deodorant, the Rose & Vanilla by Schmidt’s, and I wanted to try it but it seemed very expensive so I asked for it for Christmas. No joke but I never got it in my stocking that year. I am a HUGE bargain and overstock shopper so naturally one of my favorite shops is TJMAXX to find natural products at a discounted price. Well, they happen to carry Schmidt’s recently but I wasn’t interested until I saw only ONE last and lonely Rose & Vanilla in the back of the shelf. I bought it along with 2 others for about $3.99 each. I figured I could at least buy it cheaper and see how I like it before I invest anywhere from $8.99-$10.99 on a stick.

REVIEW: The texture of the deodorant is similar to wet sand and it is grainy. Doesn’t bother me at all. It’s just not chalky like some deodorants. The deodorant goes on nicely but sometimes it can gather large chunks of the stick, so imagine wet sand, and I just smooth it in with my fingers. It lasts a long time but I will say that it does not so much absorb the wetness as advertised as it makes the wetness smell nice. I mean, I don’t really have a sweating issue as I just want a deodorant that makes my pits smell good when I am sweating. So, it definitely works for that issue. It’s almost like when you sweat, it may absorb the sweat but because it contains oils, that may make it seem like you are wet in your underarm. Now, this is really only when I am doing an intense workout and it’s also July so it gets pretty hot here in Indiana. I have noticed that the deodorant leaves marks on my underarms of clothes at the end of the day. I bought a purple and white blouse and it make the underarms look yellow and my workout shirts looked black. Strange? I know but the good news is that it washes out.

Overall, I would give this product 4/5 stars.

I love the fact that it is CERTIFIED VEGAN AND CRUELTY-FREE (huge deal for me because I love my animals!!!) Free of Aluminum, Propylene-Glycol, Parabens and Phthalates. It only lost a star because of the staining of my clothes but Schmidt’s may be as good as it gets in terms of great natural deodorants.

Rose & Vanilla-WOW! This one smells so good. It reminds me of baby powder but smells like a soft perfume. Every time I wear it and I start to sweat, the smell of the deodorant kicks in and I love it. It’s not too strong for those of you that can’t handle perfume. It is very soft and natural. I am sniffing the stick as I write this post 🙂 The smells lasts all day.

Ylang Ylang & Calendula– I will say, this has a unique smell. It sounds weird but it reminds me of bug spray/furniture cleaner when I sniff the stick. I know. It sounds weird but strangely enough, I like this one a lot. It seems to have more of a masculine scent than the Rose & Vanilla. I also notice that when I am really sweating and working out, it still smells nice but there is a bit of funk, you know what I mean. If you have ever used a natural deodorant, you know that after awhile they wear off and the pit funk starts to come out. I sometimes apply this midday. Still, it is a nice scent for something unique.

Lavender & Sage– Who doesn’t love the scent of Lavender? I knew I couldn’t go wrong with this scent as the lavender is very present when you apply it. Just like the other scents, it’s not overwhelming and very soft. I recommend this one as well.

You know you are nerdy when you are excited to try out natural deodorant but I recently saw they have a new line out and I am pumped. Waves, is a tropical scent and Charcoal (because it’s all the rage in the beauty world) & Magnesium.

You may never find a perfect deodorant but if you don’t have an extreme perspiration problem and just want something that wipes right on and smells nice then give Schmidt’s deodorant a try! I would say it is worth the money spent but if you can scout out TJMAXX or a MARSHALL’s you can find one at a discounted price. Also, some natural food stores carry a travel size which is awesome for travelers or anybody wanting to sample.

Check out Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant and see which kind you would like to order. Hey, if you want after you try it, send them an email and thank them for making such an awesome product. I always do that because it is something that I need and they know how to make it right. Plus they earn extra points for not animal testing in my book!

*Disclaimer* This blog post was not funded or endorsed by Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant. All opinions of their product are my own.

My Sweet Thomas


Animals make me so happy. They truly are a blessing in life. As for me, they keep me grounded and I feel very connected to them as many empaths do. If you don’t like animals, you are not a true empath! This is my girl Thomas. Her personality is like no other as she has taught me not to be scared of the unknown and to explore life. Now, enough with the poetry. She is also a little badass and is going through her teenage years. She literally ignores me if I call her outside. She sits there and gives me “side eyes” and acts like she can’t hear her mama calling her…Kids!

Journaling for Empaths

If you have found this blog, you were probably drawn in by the word “Empath” in the title. I know when I was going through many changes in my life and growing spiritually, I found my way into some empath groups but there really wasn’t much out there. Now, it seems, there are articles, blogs, Facebook groups, memes, Pinterest pages dedicated to this term. However and whatever reason you found me, welcome! I have been visiting family for almost a week and I have found myself feeling unbalanced and somewhat susceptible to anxiety attack or picking up others energy. When you are a sensitive person, the most important thing to do for yourself is to stay grounded. I know meditation and yoga are popular in promoting clearing your mind and staying calm but those two practices don’t work for everyone and they certainly don’t work when you aren’t in a space that your are use to being daily. I have written before about the many ways that you can stay grounded but I wanted to focus on the art of journaling. I have kept journals since I was very young, maybe 8 or 9 and now looking back, I believe this is how I stayed sane as a sensitive person. You see, clearing out your thoughts and putting them down on paper create space and flexiblility with interacting with other energy in your daily life. If you don’t clear your mind and “release” your own thoughts and experiences then when you get filled up you are prone to anxiety or “psychic” attacks. Journaling is a form of expression that allows you to be yourself without judgement and clear yourself regularly. It’s easy and it takes a matter of minutes. Let’s keep it simple and do only what you see fit for yourself. You don’t need a beautiful leather bound journal and an hour every morning to do so but then again if that is what works for you then go for it. For myself, I always take a notebook or journal with me and they are random thoughts or feelings that I put down on paper. When I came to visit family, I am overwhelmed by seeing everyone, running around, watching a lot of tv and movies, interacting with old friends and loving on pets. So, to someone who is less sensitive, it is no biggie but for me, if I haven’t been able to have alone time to write out my  thoughts then I start to not focus and be present in the moment. I also want time to hurry by because I’m not feeling myself, I get drained and honestly, it usually ends in me getting frustrated and crying. Crying because its a release of emotions for many empaths not because of being sad or angry. If you have “too many feelings” or seem to be overwhelmed with racing thoughts then try picking up a notebook and just writing. You can connect with your true self without anyone else judging what you are saying or being interrupted with opinions and input. You can have a creative output so that there will be more room for energetic input through out your day. This may be a daily ritual for you or maybe weekly depending on what other forms of release you have. For me, I work out daily so that is usually when I clear my head and I am also alone a lot throughout the day so I have time to think my own thoughts and not take on so many thoughts of others. When I travel, celebrate holidays or have a busy work week, I journal daily but most times I journal weekly. Did you ever think writing could help you to embrace your sensitivity? There is no cure for being sensitive and although sometimes it’s hard to accept as a gift, I can assure you that you aren’t a victim and it is not a curse. Try journaling for a couple of weeks and see how you feel and please share your journey here on The Clean Eating Empath.


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Keeping it Simple

So, when I started this blog a few years ago, I had a some goals that I wanted to achieve. I wanted to be the Ree Drummond of new age health and fit into a category that really nobody had claimed. I love food and I love to cook but I also had a lot of spiritual experiences and interests. I have taken a break from a lot of the goals I wanted to achieve but my heart still lives in this blog. Over the last year, I have not posted but I have had so many likes that I felt a need to come back and start expressing myself through food, photos, videos and my own personal experience. Although now “Empath” seems to be a big buzz word, it is still very much real for me. I may end up changing the name of the blog but the content will remain the same. I want it to be a place that you can come to for colorful fun photos, recipes, silly stories, ideas, advice and common interests. There is so much I want to share with all of you that I realize I need to keep it simple for now and honestly, I like simple. So, you know that sometimes as an empath when you look to other blogs, videos, etc. you can become absorbed into them? Well, I have found that it’s good for me not to get too caught up in what other similar blogs are doing because I doubt myself and feel like I am not good enough (It’s all good, I am working on it). I just want to be me and write and I hope that you follow along and we can share stories and laughs together. Please leave comments on content you would like for me to write about on my blog. Here is a list of things I would like to do which is everything. Haha!

                           Blog Ideas

  1. Recipes that are simple and clean 
  2. Cake decorating (hobby)
  3. Photography (hobby)
  4. Product Reviews-all non toxic, clean, animal friendly as well as current news stories
  5. Interviews with Naturopaths, Writers, Empaths, etc.
  6. My cats…just cause
  7. Positive support posts
  8. Far out spiritual posts-a little witchy but fun
  9. My personal experiences-good and bad
  10. Videos- I really want to start posting videos of me talking about topics (this would probably include my journey in learning more about technology)


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